Entertainment & Culture / by Shantell E. Jamison

Unapologetically Viola: Star Explains Why She’ll Never Forget Her Roots

"It's not my job to come into your world. It's not my job to reduce myself or water myself down in order to make myself acceptable to you"


Entertainment & Culture / By Shantell E. Jamison

Unapologetically Viola: Star Explains Why She’ll Never Forget Her Roots

News & Views / By #teamEBONY

Video Shows Miss. Teacher Dragging Special Needs Student by Hair

News & Views / By #teamEBONY

Five Clips We’re Still Talking About After #Debatenight

On this day


On this day in 1989, John Merrick organized the North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company.


News & Views / Gender & Sexuality

Is It Possible to Make Consent Sexy? Let’s Talk About It

BY Esther A. Armah

This is the third part in #theCONSENTconvo series, an ongoing public conversation campaign on consent. EBONY.com has teamed up with international award winning journalist and host of... [read more]

tyler perry

Entertainment & Culture / TV & Film

Tyler Perry on Building an Empire and Bringing Madea Back

BY Crystal Shaw-King

It’s been three years since we’ve seen her curly gray hair and big glasses. Three years since we’ve heard her sassy voice. And three... [read more]


Careers & Finance / Business News

Bitcoin-Based Startup Aims to ‘Decolonize’ the Diaspora

by Ryan K. Smith

Entrepreneurs Sinclair Skinner and Christopher Mapondera want you to do one thing: decolonize your life. The two say the African-American community and ultimately the global... [read more]


News & Views

Derrick Rose Cleared of Sexual Assault Claim in Civil Suit

by #teamEBONY

A jury has cleared NBA star Derrick Rose and two friends of accusations of sexually assaulting a woman in a 2013 incident. After less... [read more]

[90s Til Infinity] Common Exec-Producing Hip-Hop Comedy

Entertainment & Culture / TV & Film

[90s Til Infinity] Common Exec-Producing Hip-Hop Comedy

BY LaToya Cross

When Souls of Mischief dropped the classic song ’93 Til Infinity, hip hop culture went crazy. The beat had a funky jazz vibe that... [read more]

Emmett Till

News & Views / Race

Emmett Till Marker Defiled, Displaying a Lingering Racist Ugliness

BY Shantell E. Jamison

Last year marked the 60th anniversary of Emmett Till’s brutal murder, and a marker sits at the site where his body was found, tortured to... [read more]

Jamaica Honors Reggae Icon Peter Tosh With New Museum

Black History

Jamaica Honors Reggae Icon Peter Tosh With New Museum

by Britni Danielle

Known as one of the greatest reggae artists to ever grab the mic, Peter Tosh is finally getting his just due. Today, the Peter... [read more]

The Problem with #TrumpsAmerica

News & Views / Politics

The Problem with #TrumpsAmerica

by Lincoln Anthony Blades

On Oct. 30th, 2015, an outgoing, friendly 38-year-old woman walked into a Minnesota Applebee’s with her two adult cousins and her four young nieces. As the family—all... [read more]


News & Views / Education

Why the NAACP’s Position on Charter Schools is a Mistake

by Rev. Ronald Slaughter

Editor’s Note: The following op-ed was quoted in an earlier EBONY.com story on the topic of the NAACP and charter schools. At a time... [read more]

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