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Demetria Lucas D'Oyley on What's Really Real on BSH

Demetria Lucas D'Oyley on What's Really Real on BSH

The newlywed and author dishes on what Bravo doesn't show and her future TV plans
By Michael Arceneaux Writer

From the very first episode of Bravo’s Blood, Sweet, and Heels, one cast member seemed determined not to end up a reality-show punchline: Demetria Lucas. That wasn’t surprising to anyone who had already knew about Lucas’ work as a writer, editor, and author, and for much of the show’s first season run, she often stood as the voice of reason – or main source of contention, depending…

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Ending Rape 4Ever:
A Message to Survivors [WATCH]

Ending Rape 4Ever Series SCESA you your best friend or me


I want to be remembered for the good work that I’ve done, for the positive work, and as somebody who was innovative and who people enjoyed.

Evan Ross (Wed)