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Will a Federal Investigation Provide 'Justice for Mike Brown?'



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No More Requiems:<br />A Protest for Michael Brown and My Son

No More Requiems:
A Protest for Michael Brown and My Son

Mother and writer Stephane Dunn struggles to explain 'bad' police to her innocent young son
By Stephane Dunn, PhD

A few weeks ago this summer, on one of those perfectly sunny, sky blue early afternoons that amazingly isn’t too Atlanta hot yet, I’m driving in my car down a side street by our home towards the highway. My soon to be five year old son is in the backseat. The windows are down, and I’ve got the music up a notch. On my way to tuning to NPR or some other talkfest, my son hears a top-40 radio station playing one…

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CNN's Don Lemon's Heated Interview with Talib Kweli

cnn don lemon talib kweli


One of the great things about being naïve to fame and negativity was that I got to build my character and myself as an artist without judgment. I’m extremely grateful for that.

Misty Copeland (Thu)