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Peace for Bobbi Kristina

Prayers for Bobbi Kristina.


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How Is Your Bill Cosby Defense Holding Up Today?

How Is Your Bill Cosby Defense Holding Up Today?

[OPINION] Jamilah Lemieux wonders if holdouts can finally stop defending the comedian and learn what rape culture is all about
By Jamilah Lemieux Senior Editor

Despite the efforts of lawyers, former co-stars and misguided pseudo-Black Nationalists who have fought desperately over the past year to protect the legacy of Bill Cosby, it has finally been revealed that in a 2005 deposition, he admitted to giving women drugs “for sex.”

For those who may be unclear, using…

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Daymé Arocena


I certainly believe that being in contact with one`s spirit and nurturing one`s spirit is as important as nurturing one`s body and mind. We are three dimensional beings: body, mind, spirit.

Laurence Fishburne (thu)