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I asked this on the tail end of our Q&A about his new movie, The Star. He and Meagan also happened to cover our Black Love issue in 2013.

February is our Black Love issue, and I’d love it if you could give me three reasons why you’re still head-over-heels in love with your wife, Meagan Good.

Oh, that’s a great idea! I’m sure she will be very happy. Three reasons I’m head-over heels? Number one would be her innocence and intentions, she has such a pure heart and just wants to do well by everyone that she comes across. That’s so endearing to me. She has a heart that, even with all of the things she’s been through and all of the challenges thrown at her, she still has a heart that is so pure and so giving and so loving. That’s one of the reasons, and these are not in any kind of order.

Number two? I just love how dynamic she is. To see her conquer the world and continue to flourish in her gift, in her calling, I just love it. I love to see her do the things that she’s passionate about, finding success and continuing to take on this industry. To be able to support her is exciting, and I love to see her operate in the fullness of her talent.

The third thing is just her personality. We just have fun, we have a good time. She is truly a light, and that light can be fantastic. You know, sometimes I’m in my mood and I don’t necessarily handle it as well as she does. Whenever I come home, she’s just that light for me. It’s something I admire and actually try to emulate myself, how to keep that disposition and keep that light shining and still find the optimistic way not only to think, but to be.

As told to Jessica Bennett

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Devon Franklin and Meagan Good