March 2013

[REACT] Do You Think Awkward Black Girl Will Help Increase Diversity on TV?

The popularity of Issa Rae's Awkward Black Girl webseries led to her collaborating with Shonda Rhimes for a TV pilot. Will her success encourage television executives to seek more diverse lineups?
Issa Rae
Voting Has Ended

Do you think ABG will help TV be more diverse?

  • Yes, I do

  • No, I do not

Do you watch any webseries?

  • Yes, I love them!

  • No, not a fan

Poll results so far...

Yes, I do 77%

Yes, I love them! 88%

No, not a fan 13%

No, I do not 23%

Yes, I love them! 71%

No, not a fan 29%

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