May 2012

Whitney Houston's Family to Star in Reality Series, Is it Too Soon?

Reports reveal Whitney Houston's family accepted a deal with Lifetime for a 10-episode reality series titled "The Houston Family Chronicles". The show will star Houston's mother Cissy, daughter Bobbi Kristina, brother Gary, and sister-in-law Pat. But is this too soon?
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Did you watch "Being Bobby Brown" on Bravo TV?

  • No, it was too trashy!

  • Yes, I loved all of the drama!

Would you watch the Houston family's new show?

  • No, it's too soon!

  • Yes! Why not?

Poll results so far...

No, it was too trashy! 65%

No, it's too soon! 56%

Yes! Why not? 44%

Yes, I loved all of the drama! 35%

No, it's too soon! 38%

Yes! Why not? 62%

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