Elizabeth Keckley:<br />
From Slave to White House Confidant

Elizabeth Keckley:
From Slave to White House Confidant

James R. Sanders takes a look at the woman who rose from the indignities of slavery to become a successful entrepreneur

James R. Sanders

by James R. Sanders, November 27, 2012

Elizabeth Keckley:<br />
From Slave to White House Confidant

Gloria Reuben and Sally Field in Steven Spelberg's 'Lincoln'

class life, she'd wanted to improve her friend's reputation (which had been sullied by erratic, desperate behavior following Mr. Lincoln's death). 

The memoir did not sell well, largely due to a smear campaign by journalist who took offense to Keckley's portrayal of Mrs. Lincoln; it is rumored that her son, Robert Lincoln, worked to hinder distribution of the book out of embarrassment for his mother, whom he later committed to an asylum.

Keckley claims that the two women met and resolved their differences before Mrs. Lincoln's death in 1882. She passed away in 1907.

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