Linda Johnson Rice Gives Lessons in Black Business

Linda Johnson Rice Gives Lessons in Black Business

Rice participated in a Harvard Business School case study dealing with the topic of Black entrepreneurship and gaining capital

by Danielle Pointdujour, February 17, 2017

Linda Johnson Rice Gives Lessons in Black Business

Entrepreneurship has been threaded in the fabric of the Black community for years.  Our creative and innovative minds, whether spotlighted in public or unknown to the masses, have framed  Black affluence and business skills – but the road hasn’t been easy.

In a new course and through the exploration of 14 case studies, Harvard Business School professor Steven Rogers brings these ideals to the forefront with the intent to examine business opportunities that have emerged from identifying “under-served markets of Black consumers” and the unique interplay between race and successful entrepreneurial ventures.

Included in the coursework is the legacy of EBONY Magazine, founded by John H. Johnson in 1945, and its longstanding example of both the successes and hardships of Black business. EBONY Media Operations Chairman Emeritus Linda Johnson Rice, recently made a visit to the Harvard Business School campus for an in-person and in-depth analysis of the struggles Black entrepreneurs face in business.

Watch video of the experience and an interview with Johnson Rice below:

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