Rosanell Eaton, 92, speaks at a rally.

92 Year Old Woman to Sue North Carolina Because of Voter ID Law

Rosanell Eaton is challenging the state's ruling that she would need a new ID to vote

by The Root, August 15, 2013

Rosanell Eaton, 92, speaks at a rally.

Rosanell Eaton, 92, speaks at a rally.

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A 92-year-old African-American woman has filed a suit against North Carolina after Republican Gov. Pat McCrory signed a restrictive voter-ID measure.

The suit says that Rosanell Eaton will be disenfranchised after voting for 70 years because "the name on her certified birth certificate does not match the name on her driver's license or the name on her voter registration card." Changing the names would be a costly endeavor for Eaton, the suit says.

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