William C. Thompson Jr. is the sole African-American among the leading candidates for mayor of New York City, and he has long counted on the support of black voters to propel him to victory in a crowded Democratic field.

But two weeks from the hotly contested primary election, Mr. Thompson’s campaign is confronting an unexpected challenge: Bill de Blasio, a White candidate, has threatened Mr. Thompson’s support among Blacks with his fierce denunciation of the Police Department’s stop-and-frisk tactics.

In television ads that have resonated with African-Americans, Mr. de Blasio appears by the side of his biracial son, Dante, who has an oversize Afro, and talks about his fear that his own child could be stopped by the police.

Now, unsettled by polling that shows the candidates with equal support from Black voters, Mr. Thompson is pushing back, releasing a tough, deeply personal ad in which he draws a stark connection between the stop-and-frisk debate and his own identity, saying, “I’ve lived it.”

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