TMZ poll asks how to ârefer to black peopleâ

Poll at TMZ on "How to Refer to Black People"

The two options? "African American" and "Ni**a"

by #teamEBONY, December 18, 2013

TMZ poll asks how to ârefer to black peopleâ

TMZ poll asks how to “refer to black people”

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Today’s disgusting piece of racist garbage comes not from trick-or-treating idiots or Fox News or the ghost of Jefferson Davis, but from celeb gossip site TMZ, which is asking, in 2013, what to “refer to Black people as.”

The two options given are “African American” and “Ni**a.” And, because that’s not offensive enough, TMZ even turned it into a fun little poll, asking readers to weigh in.

Read it at Salon.


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