African Girl Trafficked Into Britain For âOrgan Harvestingâ

Somali Girl Trafficked into Britain for "Organ Harvesting"

The child was smuggled for the sole purposes of having her organs sold on the black market

by #teamEBONY, October 22, 2013

African Girl Trafficked Into Britain For âOrgan Harvestingâ

African Girl Trafficked Into Britain For “Organ Harvesting”

In something that reads like a horror story, it’s been discovered that a young Somali girl was smuggled into Britain for the sole purpose of selling her organs on the black market. The case came to light when a government report showed that human trafficking victims in the UK rose more than 50 percent. The 371 children trafficked were being used as slaves or sexually abused.

The Telegraph reports that child protection charities warned that criminal gangs were attempting to exploit the demand for organ transplants in Britain. In response to the claims Bharti Patel, the chief executive of Ecpat UK, the child protection charity, said: “Traffickers are exploiting the demand for organs and the vulnerability of children. It’s unlikely that a trafficker is going to take this risk and bring just one child into the UK. It is likely there was a group.”

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