Some Blacks Insist: "I'm Not African-American"

Some Blacks Insist: "I'm Not African-American"

Debate rages as some Blacks continue to eschew the more "politically correct" term

by #teamEBONY, February 06, 2012

Some Blacks Insist: "I'm Not African-American"

Despite it's well-intentioned roots, "African-American" remains a term that seems to create more confusion and questions (i.e.: Would a White African living in America --- such as actress Charlize Theron --- be thought of as African-American too?) than connection. Sure, "Black" is far from perfect, but that term's imperfection is balanced out by a certain cultural and historical resonance that African-American will never possess, allowing it (Black) to ring authentic while African-American seems (at best) clunky and misguided and (at worst) pandering.

Has "African-American" run its course? Is there still a need for this term to be a part of our national lexicon?


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