Bald Face Beats a Beard?

Bald Face Beats a Beard?

Study shows women prefer clean-shaven men

by #teamEBONY, March 08, 2012

Bald Face Beats a Beard?

A recent study done by scientists in New Zealand and Canada shows that, while a bearded man commands more immediate respect than his clean-shaven brethren, women actually prefer for men not to have any facial hair. Apparently, facial hair makes a man seem angrier, older, and more threatening. Hmm.

While the study does seem to be legitimate, a look at who was surveyed --- women from New Zealand --- and who the subjects were --- men from New Zealand and Samoa --- raises questions, most notably "Is it possible that there are cultural differences in how beards are perceived?"

Basically, would American women (African-American women specifically) respond differently to the survey the study was based on?

Read it at Daily Mail.



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