Extracurricular Activities

On campus, I am involved in numerous extracurricular activities. I am currently the Membership Chairman for the NAACP-Tuskegee University Chapter. Also, I am a Freshman Orientation (LASER) Leader, which requires me to introduce prospective and incoming students to Tuskegee University's values, history, and campus activities. I am committed to Sound Minds Mentoring Program, which helps elementary and middle school students in academic and social achievement. I was involved in the Marching Crimson Piper Band, as a Piperette Dancer. Lastly, I help students organize and plan extracurricular events, such as campaign teams, fashion shows, photo shoots, and community outreach.

Leisure Activities

I have a special interest for all performing arts, especially dance and drama. My leisure activities include performing, as well as directing productions. I also enjoy planning social events, community service, taking nature walks, exploring, and contributing to community development.

Career Goals

Upon graduation, I plan to obtain a Master of Social Work Degree and join the Peace Corps to help build international and rural communities. Then, I would like to become a children's counselor at the Los Angeles Children's Court. Ultimately, I plan to establish my own non-profit organization that will focus on children, families, and communities.

Most memorable contribution as a Campus Queen

I believe the most effective way to change a community is to teach its youth the proper traditions and morals needed for change. As Miss Tuskegee University, I plan to create a closer social connection between college students and children, in order to evoke change in the community. Tuskegee University has a strong passion for students in the area primary schools. Therefore, if the Tuskegee University student body connects with the youth socially, they will understand the balance between hard work and success, while also gaining a mentor to show them the appropriate norms for community change.