Extracurricular Activities

I currently serve as a volunteer in the Center for Career Education, Development, and Research, a Student Ambassador for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, freshman dance team coach, JumpStart Corps member, Aaron Bonner Scholar, and as a a member of a psychology research lab.

Leisure Activities

I enjoy dancing, singing, acting, all activities that involve water and the sun, listening to music, and eating french fries, strawberry soda, and Mediterranean food.

Career Goals

I plan to earn my Ph.D. in clinical psychologist and work in the area of behavior and education disorders of African American students. I know my time here at Howard University will help me focus and find an area where my degree can effect the most change.

Most memorable contribution as a Campus Queen

My largest contribution as a campus queen this far has definitely been the work we have done behind the scenes in service. This year the royal court visited the Children's National Medical Center and due to a flu ban that was in place, we were unable to visit directly with children, and though we were disappointed, we had no idea that the contribution we would make was just as great as reading books to children. We were assigned to stocking toys in the toy closet. While stocking, the volunteer coordinator explained to us that the gifts we stocked would go towards children who had made it through surgery without trouble. And also served as incentives for cancer patients who suffered from mouths sores to receive their mouth care. This experience helped me realize my service behind the scenes was just as valued as what could be seen.