Extracurricular Activities

Brielle has been involved in numerous campus activities where she has had the opportunity to exhibit her leadership skills. In the past, Brielle has served as Miss UNCF (United Negro College Fund), president of the Pre-Alumnae Council, president of the Junior Class and member of the Queens Association, to name a few.

Leisure Activities

Brielle enjoys listening to music, watching her favorite television shows, So You Think You Can Dance, as well as The Cosby Show. Brielle loves the art of dance and considers it one of her favorite hobbies. She also enjoys learning about the world around her. One day she wishes to have the chance to study abroad, visiting Austria and Egypt.

Career Goals

After graduation in May, 2013, Brielle would like to attend Baylor University of Waco, Texas and obtain a master's degree in social work. She one day hopes to obtain a licensure as a clinical social worker along with her certification in American Sign Language. This will contribute to her future success as the owner of an out-patient program, serving those with mental and physical disabilities.

Most memorable contribution as a Campus Queen

Service is the rent we pay for living here on earth, and daily, her actions show that this is something she often reflects on and chooses to live by. When I am not in class, studying, or helping her Bennett sisters, I believe that it is not only important to be a well-rounded student but person as well. This is why I spend most of my time finding new ways to educate my sisters about community service, education, health and politics, simply because, these are things that not only affect their college communities but themselves, personally, as well. Working with UNCF has to be my most memorable moment of all service projects because, I was involved in creating new scholarships that directly apply to the Bennett College community.