12 Ways to Revamp Your Boring Blog

12 Ways to Revamp Your Boring Blog

by Black Enterprise, October 17, 2013

12 Ways to Revamp Your Boring Blog

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QUESTION: What are some tips for creating really interesting company blogs even in my dry, boring old industry?

Take readers behind-the-scenes

“Even in a “dry, boring old industry,” your blog readers will be fascinated to see the hidden, behind-the-scenes vantage point of the company. Incorporate photos or video to enhance plain text blog posts, and use a variety of writers to bring in diverse perspectives from the team. And of course, post regularly to keep your audience engaged.”

Doreen Bloch | CEO / Founder, Poshly Inc.

Go pop culture

“Using pop culture references can be a great refresher. For example, my company blog focuses on the subject of presentation and video. When Coachella featured a Tupac hologram earlier this year, the web went abuzz with questions asking if this was a new feature of presentations. Of course, we jumped on the discussion, explained some costs, and our opinions on the matter.”

Kenny Nguyen | Founder/CEO, Big Fish Presentations

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