3 Tips for Delivering a Killer Elevator Pitch

3 Tips for Delivering a Killer Elevator Pitch

You've only got a few moments to sell yourself...make the best of it!

by Black Enterprise, March 28, 2012

3 Tips for Delivering a Killer Elevator Pitch

He's only listening for a moment...is your perfect pitch ready? 

If you’ve attended a conference, you most certainly have experienced an elevator pitch. Whether you’re waiting in line for a cab, at a bar, or…yes, in an elevator, someone has most likely approached you to talk about their startup or latest venture. However, pitching is an art, and not everyone has nailed it. So not surprisingly, the ballroom at the Hilton Austin was packed with aspiring entrepreneurs at the “3 Steps to a Killer Elevator Pitch” panel during SXSW Interactive.

The elevator pitch is a simple concept: If you were stuck in an elevator with someone, what would you say to promote your company in the time that the elevator closes until the time you get to your floor? In theory you have around 90 seconds to make a successful pitch, but how can you create a cohesive, effective pitch in that short amount of time?

According to Joshua Baer, a startup mentor and director at Capital Factory, there are three simple steps in effective pitching:–Winston Ford


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