3 Ways to Help Family Through Money Woes

3 Ways to Help Family Through Money Woes

Most families have a ‘universal provider’ whose pockets get tapped in times of trouble. Here’s advice on how to lend lasting financial help

by Ryan Mack, May 13, 2013

3 Ways to Help Family Through Money Woes

to come up with the money. Learning how to say no is one of the easiest (yet most difficult things) we need to do in our community. 

If you really want to help somebody, putting them in a position where they can help themselves is the most effective way of providing it. Giving them money is just putting gum in the hole of the dam—it may stop the leak temporarily, but it only leads to a larger crack and flood when the dam breaks, which hurts everybody. Tough love must be tough, but it must also be balanced by love, so don’t ever turn down a chance to help those you love. Find a way to help that will lead to true empowerment, and the whole family will be stronger in the end! 

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