5 Ways to Get Paid if You Drive a Lemon<br />

5 Ways to Get Paid if You Drive a Lemon

Your headache hooptie can be transformed from a constant source of annoyance into recoupable cash money

5 Ways to Get Paid if You Drive a Lemon<br />

problem car, you can be entitled to more than just the replacement cost for the vehicle or the funds necessary to fix the car. You might also recoup your legal costs.

According to Sacks, the “fee shifting provisions” of state lemon laws and federal warranty laws work tremendously in a consumer’s favor. In a nutshell, “if you prevail in court, [the auto manufacturer] must pay attorney fees on top of what you receive,” Sacks says.

“It’s often a lot easier than people think,” he adds.

If you think your car is a lemon, attorneys from LemonLaw.com provide free legal help for consumers in the District of Columbia, and 13 states: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Delaware, Wyoming, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, New York, Wisconsin and Maryland. In all other states, the firm refers consumers to legal specialists who can help. Consumers nationwide can also call the firm’s toll-free number: 800-LEMON-LAW.

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