Are You Killing Your Own Dreams?<br />

Are You Killing Your Own Dreams?

Career coach Rich Jones explains how many of us get in the way of our own professional passions

by Rich Jones, September 04, 2012

Are You Killing Your Own Dreams?<br />

Make discipline your priority.

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services that will eat away at your time and money, but not add value in pursuit of your passion. Stop striving for cool. Starting striving for focus.

The Habitual Lane Switcher (HLS)

With the capriciousness of the Serial Project Starter, the vivid imagery of the Professional Dreamer, and the trendiness of Mr. or Ms. That-Looks-Cool, the Habitual Lane Switcher can’t stay on their path because they’re always traveling on someone else’s. Their definition of success changes with the next man or woman’s accomplishment. And because they’ve forgone their passion to pursue another person’s definition of success, they’re all over the road weaving from lane to lane unable to reach their destination. Social media is their weakness because they feel everybody else is winning but them, so they try to do what everybody else is doing.

Solution: As my mentor said to me, do you. Your vision is your vision. Your journey is your journey. The people whose lives you’re chasing understand the value of discipline. They didn’t get their overnight. They got there by being up all night for many nights working on turning their dreams and passions into reality. Don’t look at other people’s lives until you’ve looked at yours first. Once you do this and commit to your end goal, you can see who’s around you and figure out how they can help you get to your determined destination quicker. That’s why I have a mentor. That’s why I look for models of success that relate to what I’ve already laid out for myself.

I'm sure you know someone that matches each of these types. More than likely, you are one of them. Maybe even all of them! Whatever the case, make discipline your priority. If you're not moving toward your passion, you are moving away from the best days of your life.

Rich Jones is a Pathfinder for Professionals with a knack for helping the wayward determine the next steps of their careers. He’s also a certified professional in Human Resources with for-profit and non-profit recruiting experience. Check Rich out on his career blog. I Am Rich Jones.

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