Lauren Wesley Wilson

Black, Fresh and 20something: Lauren Wesley Wilson

ColorComm Founder dishes on how she created an organization that helps women of color advance in their careers and why it’s important to build meaningful relationships along the way

by Courtney Connley, May 08, 2013

Lauren Wesley Wilson

Lauren Wesley Wilson

people meant to be in your life will hang on. It’s really easy to get caught on people who aren’t meant to be in your journey and it will set you back. Stay humble, stay focused, and people who are meant to be there will be there.

EBONY: Where do you hope to see ColorComm in the future?

LWW: Right now, I see ColorComm expanding. It’s already expanded to New York, Chicago and hopefully Atlanta soon. In August 2014, we will be hosting an annual conference at the Ritz Carlton Biscayne Bay.

What I really want to do is recognize some of the people that are often underrepresented. The real point of ColorComm is to highlight women of color at the executive level who aren’t recognized because they aren’t on any “list” or in publications. Recognize those who have paved the way. I think that’s the purpose because it needs to be done and it hasn’t.

To learn more about ColorComm and how you can join, visit

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