Job Seekers Asked For Facebook Passes

Job Seekers Asked For Facebook Passes

Be prepared to get asked for your password at the next job interview

by #teamEBONY, March 22, 2012

Job Seekers Asked For Facebook Passes

A trend is being cultivated in the working world, and unsurprisingly, it involves Facebook. Job interviewers are reportedly asking job seekers for their log-in information and password, hoping to get a little more "insight" before they offer anyone a position. The public sector is increasingly joining the trend, especially when hiring individuals for law enforcement positions. They want to ensure there are no gang connections or photos of illegal activity. 

Currently, there are no laws that forbid job interviewers from asking job applicants for Facebook passwords or other social networking log-ins. Maryland and Illinois have proposed legislation that would forbid public agencies from making such a request. It is ultimately up to you while being interviewed whether you want to provide that information or not.

Should employers have so much access to the personal lives of employees? 

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