job application

The Highest Paying Jobs in Each State, A List

by #teamEBONY

There’s no such a thing as having too much money when it comes to your career. Yes, you can be comfortable and good with... Read More

Creative Spotlight: Bianca Jeanty & Netta Dobbins, MiMConnect

Creative Spotlight: Bianca Jeanty & Netta Dobbins, MiMConnect

by Diahann Williams

These two are killing it in the workplace & creating a lane for minorities to get hired. Meet MiMConnect founders Bianca Jeanty & Netta Dobbins. Read More

Geminelle Rollins

Creative Spotlight: Singer-Songwriter, Geminelle Rollins

by Diahann Williams

#CheckHerOut: Our Creative Spotlight, Geminelle Rollins, has an undeniable talent of wordplay paired with a sultry voice that will have your ears hooked. Read More

Kimberly Smith Marjani Beauty

Creative Spotlight: Marjani Beauty CEO, Kimberly Smith

by Diahann Williams

Our latest feature is Kimberly Smith, CEO of Marjani Beauty. An e-commerce beauty site home to independent beauty brands for women of color. Read More

Briana Wilson Matte Brand

Creative Spotlight: Matte Brand CEO, Briana Wilson

by Diahann Williams

You've seen our latest Creative Spotlight's clothing designs all over your Twitter and Instagram feed. So, we had to tap into the mind of Briana Wilson. Read More

Rolling Loud Music Festival: Here’s What Your Favorite Rapper Wore

Rolling Loud Music Festival: Here’s What Your Favorite Rapper Wore

by Noel Walker

Rolling Loud Music Festival brought this summers men's style trend to the forefront. Logo Love. Read More

Jamie Foxx Beat Shazam Promo

Jamie Foxx to Host New Game Show, ‘Beat Shazam’

by Diahann Williams

That app you whip out in a hurry to try and figure out that song you are hearing is making its way to your television screen. "Beat Shazam", starting May 25th might just be your new favorite game show. Read More

Miss Dimplez - Creative Spotlight

Creative Spotlight: Rebecca Ijeoma aka Dimplez

by Diahann Williams

The advice our Creative Spotlight Dimplez is giving our readers should come with a consultation fee. Gems on gems on gems. Read More

Gianni Lee

Art Talk With Creative Mastermind, Gianni Lee

by Diahann Williams

Clothing designer, DJ, artist, handsome fella...What can't this guy do? EBONY talks latest art ventures with Gianni Lee. Read More

Black Economy

Growing the Black Economy by Moving to the Middle

by Glenn Jeffers

One positive that emerged from the 2007–2008 credit crisis—and its subsequent recession—was a spark in entrepreneurship. Nearly one of every 10 U.S. companies operating... Read More