Black, Fresh and 20-Something: Brandon Davis
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make when they want to do something?

BD: Many don’t have a focus. You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. We’ve got to be disciplined.

EBONY: What are your plans to make American Dreaming magazine mainstream and garner a bigger following?

BD: I’ve been talking to different distributors. I’ve been talking to universities to be able to now scale AD. We understand where we want to go five, 10 years from now, and we know all the steps we need to make right now to turn this into a multimillion dollar business. Those are the next moves that we’re making. In addition to American Dreamer University, we’re making renovations to The Dreaming Building, a building we bought with money awarded by the Pepsi Refresh Project. All these different things are going to help us help people build a business, scale a business, and really turn it into a small business. Our mission is turning large passions into small businesses.