5 Reasons Why Kim and Kanye are a Match Made in Heaven
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celebrities are like us

This may come as a surprise to some, but, um, celebrity’s lives just aint the same as ours, and its wrong (and a little stupid) to assume that we know them just because we can recite the lines from their albums and saw them on camera. Kanye and Kim have more in common with each other than they would with anyone reading this, and their relationship has a much, much, much better chance of succeeding with each other than it would if either dated a “normal” person.

5) Because 808s and Heartbreaks Part II is gonna be awesome

​Don't act like you didn't think about that. 

I’d wish them luck if I were the type of person who wished luck to celebrities I don’t personally know who happen to be in celebrity relationships I have no personal stake in and may not even actually be together. Instead, I’ll just say that until they’re forced to “break-up” after TMZ catches Kim sneaking off to the “The Dark Knight Rises” premiere with ***insert name of Black male celebrity***, I hope they have as much fun with each other as we’ll have with them.