5 Things We Want to See in Beyoncéâs Documentary

5 Things We Want to See in Beyoncé’s Documentary

Beyoncé directs her first film, a documentary. Patrice Peck hopes Bey goes no-holds-barred

Patrice Peck

by Patrice Peck, November 27, 2012

5 Things We Want to See in Beyoncéâs Documentary

career once that child had been born. Then again, her access to resources that most mothers can only dream about places her out of the realm of relatability when it comes to motherhood. But that doesn't stop us from wanting to know exactly how many nannies Blue Ivy requires, if Solange played a crucial role in prepping her big sister, when Bey draws the line in terms of working and spending quality time with Blue and Jay, and what awesome father-and-daughter activities Blue and Jay participate in when Mommy is in the studio. How priceless would it be to see Jay changing a diaper or two?

4. Her Relationship With Her Parents

It is no secret that Beyoncé has had a complicated work relationship with her father, Matthew Knowles, as seen in the many allegations read in the papers throughout the years. Her mother, Tina, on the other hand, seems to have remained her rock throughout her steadily rising career, serving as equal parts stage mother and costume director. Reports claim that the baby scandal in which her father became embroiled wedged a gap between Beyoncé and the man whom she dedicated a tribute song, "Daddy," to on her first solo album. Although certainly not obliged to, if Beyoncé were to address her current relationship with her father and mother, as well as the role, if any, he plays in her new family, she would seem all the more stronger and vulnerable. 

5. Flaws and All

Through picture-perfect performances, albums and an impeccable public persona, Beyoncé has undoubtedly taken the throne as this generation's queen of pop. But what is perfection without a bit of a mess? God only knows how much she's had to sacrifice to make it to the top; but now that she's arrived, Beyoncé would do well to let her gorgeous hair down and just live a little. The Instagram and personal, makeup free photos on her blog were a step in the right direction, but even those images seemed too spot-on. Show us some dark spots, Bey. Show us those days when you do not really feel like being polite and would much rather be alone with you, yourself, and a tub of Cherry Garcia. Show us that Sasha Fierce does sometimes make it off the stage, causing you to enter diva mode on everyone within a mile radius, despite your best intentions. You have already won the world over and your legacy is pretty much a done deal. Some flaws would be much appreciated at this point, if only to prove once and for all that you are not an android, but actually more human than we could ever imagine.

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