Why HBO's 'Girls' Doesn't Need Any Black Friends

Why HBO's 'Girls' Doesn't Need Any Black Friends

[OPINION] Damon Young says a show about his life wouldn't win any diversity awards either

Damon Young

by Damon Young, April 24, 2012

Why HBO's 'Girls' Doesn't Need Any Black Friends

but one common one (racial background) --- and I’d honestly find any inclusion of non-Whites for diversity’s sake to be unrealistic, pandering, and insulting. The majority of us --- Black, White, Laker fan, etc --- don’t have lives like the perfunctory light beer ad where a group of four White guys and one Black guy hit the town and magically happen upon a night club where there are, gasp, four available White chicks and one available Black chick from them to drunkenly make-out with.

The social interactions we willingly choose tend to be somewhat monochromatic, and that’s perfectly okay. It’s not a bad thing that many of us found our inner circles through our predominately Black neighborhoods, our predominately Black places of worship, our historically Black colleges and universities (or the predominately Black lunch tables we sat at and parties we attended if we happened to attend a predominately White university), or our predominately Black fraternities or sororities, and I can’t chide White people for creating worlds where the circles are presumably formed in the same organically segregated way ours usually are.  

I know the experience of “most” isn’t the experience of “all.” As stated earlier, I’m fully aware that there are many people actually in racially-diverse close knit circles. But, as I, the dozens of White people I know, and the majority of people reading this will tell you, a lack of that type of diversity may be the realist thing we'll ever see on T.V.

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