BLACK MUSIC NOW: Nas Releases Tenth Studio Album, 'Life is Good'

[MUSIC REVIEW] The iconic Queens emcee explores broad themes of a 38 year-old divorced man, and father steeped in the culture

by Darren Sands, July 17, 2012


Nas tenth studio album 'Life is Good'

and narrative to pull that off? Then there’s his enormous capacity to heal. The late singer Amy Winehouse, who so publicly battled addiction and probably loneliness, sings tenderly about -- of all things -- finding her soul mate. And on 'Daughters' his critical self-reflection crescendos: How’s his daughter’s irresponsible behavior influenced by his own?

This is Nas now: accountable, regal, imperfect, exhilarating, honest, legendary. Then again, that was Nas, then, too.

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