ABC’s “The Bachelor” Sued

ABC’s “The Bachelor” Sued

Two eligible Nashville men are suing producers for discrimination

by Team Ebony, April 19, 2012

ABC’s “The Bachelor” Sued

On Wednesday, Nathaniel Claybrooks and Christopher Johnson of Nashville filed a class action lawsuit against producers of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” claiming that the show discriminates against African American cast members. This comes almost a month after Portland-based sports anchor Lamar Hurd made a campaign to become the show’s first Black bachelor. The two men said they were overlooked during a casting call for the lead position in August, while white applicants were given far more time and consideration.

“I only want a fair shot at the part,” said Claybrooks, who owns several small businesses. “Looking back at how I was treated at the casting call last year, it was clear that that wasn’t possible. I never had a chance.” Instead of asking for a specific dollar amount, the men would like the show's producers to make major changes to a show whose 16th season finale episode raked in 1.1 million viewers. In 10 years and 23 seasons of both shows, there has never been a Black bachelor, bachelorette, or winner. 

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