Terrence J Becomes the Host With the Most on His Plate

Terrence J.

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in that door, open up doors for other people to walk in and opening up the next door for myself to walk through.

EBONY: When you start hosting on E! in November, will you be bringing any changes to the show?

TJ: One day I’m going to sneak in a pair of Jordans! I’m going to wait until I’m there a while, but I’m going to be the first guy to wear a pair of MJs on the show! No, I look forward to being myself and having a lot of fun. I’m just really happy to be here. My entire story has been public. The first time I was on television nationally, it was broadcast so people got to see me from day one to where I’m now in this new position. So I just appreciate everybody that’s been there along for the ride. I’m just a puny kid from North Carolina.