anika noni rose

Anika Noni Rose Storms TV, Stage and Silver Screen [INTERVIEW]

With cable’s ‘The Watsons Go to Birmingham,’ Broadway’s ‘A Raisin in the Sun’ and the silver screen’s ‘Half of a Yellow Sun,’ this Tony Award winner takes no prisoners

Kelley L. Carter

by Kelley L. Carter, September 19, 2013

anika noni rose

Don’t let the smile fool you; her talent is fierce

on screen or on stage with?

ANR: Miss Cicely Tyson! I love her. And I say that as a person. I’ve met her several times and we’ve just had a very intense connection. I saw her on Broadway just recently in A Trip to Bountiful, and she was stunningly brilliant. She was the person who’s carving the road. She’s the reason I can do what I do, and I would love to work with her. She’s a beautiful, beautiful woman and she thrills me. I really have a great love for her.

EBONY: We’ll see you back on TV in the Terry McMillian adaptation A Day Late and a Dollar Short for Lifetime.

ANR: That’ll come out in the spring as well, and that’s Whoopi Goldberg, Tichina Arnold, Mekhi Phifer, Kimberly Elise… all of us are up in there. We just finished shooting that in Toronto.

EBONY: What would you love to mark off your list before the end of this year that would make you say, “this was a phenomenal year”?

ANR: I’d love a great lead role somewhere. I really have a penchant for action movies. I want people to see my name—the people who are making decisions—I want them to see my name and immediately say, “Yeah. Why not her? Let’s choose her.” So this is the year that makes that be the case; that would be fantastic.

I also would not mind winning the Powerball.

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