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Antoine Dunn

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musical advice you’ve ever received and from whom?

AD: Early on, there were many attempts of dissuasion in regards to my music career. Listening to my inner voice telling me to be steadfast and to keep being me turned out to be the best advice. I learned early on to listen to my own voice, which is the best voice for me.

EBONY: If you could have your dream partner for a duet, who would that be and what song?

AD: I would love to have a duet with Stevie Wonder! After all, we share the common denominator of being a musician, singer, and songwriter. I can't say that the song has been written yet. (Dunn laughs) A meeting of the minds would be the best way to craft the perfect duet in the moment.

EBONY: Anything else you’d like to add?

AD: I'd first like to thank Ebony.com for the opportunity to share my story! This debut album is the soundtrack to my life thus far, and I am extremely excited to share it with the world. It is my goal that through the music, differences can be forgotten and the basic things we as people share in common can be brought to the forefront of our existence. I'll keep entertaining the possibility that possibilities are endless…You all do the same!

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