[THIS HAPPENED] Ashanti Stalker Indicted, Rihanna Sues

[THIS HAPPENED] Ashanti Stalker Indicted, Rihanna Sues

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Michael Arceneaux

by Michael Arceneaux, August 01, 2013

[THIS HAPPENED] Ashanti Stalker Indicted, Rihanna Sues

Denzel Washington, Ashanti and Waka Flocka Flame

last album, I Am Not a Human Being II, mostly because it sounded like an uninspired and unfocused gobble of mess. However, according to Lil Wayne, his intent was to make the album sound “underground.” No really, he said, “Overall I felt good about the project because I approached it in a manner of—and this may sound silly—trying to be underground.” That ain’t it and better luck next time. [Miss Info]

If you ever wanted to know what Waka Flocka thinks about love, gays on TV, and whether or not Dr. King would approve of his rap lyrics, there’s a new interview waiting for you. [NiteCap with Peter Bailey]

Rihanna may not win every lawsuit, but she definitely got the judge to rule in her favor when it came to Topshop using her image to shill T-shirts without permission. Indeed, a London judge agreed that the brand was trying to “pass out” T-shirts as if they were approved by the global pop star. Damages haven’t been rewarded yet, but “poor dat” to Topshop all the same. [News.Com.Au]

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