August Wilson:<br />
Drama of the Century<br />

August Wilson:
Drama of the Century

August Wilson’s Century Cycle of Plays Available to Public via Live Webcast for First Time in History

Kimberly Ellis

by Kimberly Ellis, August 29, 2013

August Wilson:<br />
Drama of the Century<br />

regards to Black farmers who lost (and/or were run off of) their land? Why are African-Americans reversing a part of the Great Migration to return to the South in the 21st century? Wilson’s play about liberty, justice, freedom, dignity, reparations and legacy in a small diner in Pittsburgh helps to explore some of these questions.

Before his untimely death, August Wilson provided a full cultural handbook and survival manual for Black America. Let’s make sure we read every page and get a renewed perspective on our lives so we can thrive in the 21st century.

Dr. Kimberly C. Ellis is a scholar of American and Africana Studies, who happens to be the niece of August Wilson. She is an expert on his works and gives lecture presentations and Teacher Trainings on his dramas. She can be reached at @drgoddess on Twitter and


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