âBasketball Wivesâ Shaunie OâNeal Bounces Back With New Season [INTERVIEW]<br />

‘Basketball Wives’ Shaunie O’Neal Bounces Back With New Season [INTERVIEW]

Returning for season 5 of ‘Basketball Wives,’ the starring executive producer promises less drama, even if it means lower ratings

by Kimberly Wilson, August 21, 2013

âBasketball Wivesâ Shaunie OâNeal Bounces Back With New Season [INTERVIEW]<br />

it again. We’ve changed up the cast, added a few new girls, took away a few girls. I feel like we’re starting fresh.”

And how does Ms. O’Neal maintain her sanity within a culture built upon materialism, gossip and faux relationships? “Staying true to myself,” revealed the mother of four. “I never wanted to lose who I am, my character or my integrity for the sake of Hollywood.

“I always want to remain true to me and know I’m not faking. I’m not one of those people to hang out with girlfriends for the sake of paparazzi or a moment on a blog. Being in this industry, you see this all the time. It’s a crazy world, and I just want to remain true to myself, if that means I remain true to my core group of friends that I’ve had for umpteen years and being a mommy.”

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