Bernard Hopkins: He Doesn't Just Stand, He Reigns

Bernard Hopkins: He Doesn't Just Stand, He Reigns

Heavyweight boxer Bernard Hopkins is ready for the ring

by Glenn Minnis, March 07, 2012

Bernard Hopkins: He Doesn't Just Stand, He Reigns


Hopkins: Athletes like me only come around every 20-years or so. I know that… and I don’t run away from the legacy. Some people try to defer from that I’m not humble. Your life story is like few others. Once facing nine felony charges, locked down for over ten years and now a superstar athlete. How did you do it?

Hopkins: I never let my jail term or that jail cell define who I was. Yes, I made mistakes that landed me there but I always knew I was capable of so much more. I always believed in Bernard Hopkins. So who plays the role of Bernard Hopkins on the big screen?  

Hopkins: That’s actually something that may soon be in development. I’ve talked to the producers of both “Training Day” and “Brooklyn’s Finest” about it. I’d like to see 50 Cent get the role. He has the swagger. He doesn’t look approachable but he really is. He understands my life. It was his life. Who wins Mayweather vs. Pacquiao? Hopkins: Floyd would win that on style points alone. He’s a little too slick for Pac-Man, most black fighters from the inner cities are. Maybe I’m a little bias, but to me it’s just something about the styles that would make him successful. It’s been jokingly said that you may still have the first dollar you ever earned. What are you willing to splurge on?

Hopkins: A vacation or my house. I don’t consider it splurging with my daughter. She just takes all my money. What’s your advice/message to young brothers who find themselves on the wrong side of the law early on in life they way you were?  

Hopkins: You have to stay strong of mind and believe in yourself. Be willing o follow the wisdom of your own heart and experiences. The last time I totally listened to what someone else would have me do it cost me ten years in prison.

Glenn Minnis is a veteran sports/culture writer and regular contributor to the NFL and Hoop magazines. He also writes extensively for and has been a staffer with aol sports and cbsnews.coms and the Chicago Tribune newspaper.  He was also the founding sports editor for 360 hip

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