Beverly Bond

Beverly Bond Rocks! [INTERVIEW]

The eighth annual Black Girls Rock! Awards airs on BET on November 3. Founder Beverly Bond reveals what to expect

by Brook Stephenson, October 28, 2013

Beverly Bond

DJ Beverly Bond takes a stand for Black women

feelings, even though I had these thoughts, even though I started this Black Girls Rock! thing. Just stepping into my own leadership was a growth process for me in understanding the necessity of it, understanding the need for people to actually hear from the person that started it. I fooled myself in this process, and my leadership has grown, and I accept it.

EBONY: Where does Black Girls Rock! go from here?

BB: One of the bigger things that Black Girls Rock! is working to accomplish is, we are starting a think tank. There needs to be a research harvest center. Not that there aren’t some out there, but we would really like to focus on having a hub where research is done specifically on the media’s messages and actions, and how it affects our youth culture, and what are the consequences of that. I think that that’s a big deal for us, to have a research center.

In addition to that, our programs continue to grow. We’ve already started a leadership camp that’s been going now for three years, and it’s a strong leadership camp. Girls have been coming from all around the world. We’ve had girls come from as far away as Japan, Liberia, London, South Africa, Jamaica and all across the United States. It continues to grow and continues to have a major impact. And even work on trying to start a boarding school similar to what we do with the leadership camp.

To learn more about Black Girls Rock! mentoring, go to For more about Black Girls Rock! Awards on BET, go to and enjoy the show November 3.

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