Beyonce Smacked by Fan While on Stage

At Clutch, Racquel Garrison argues that this act exemplifies rape culture

by Clutch, May 29, 2013



It’s the smack seen ’round the world. Last night in Denmark, Beyonce had to reprimand an overzealous male fan who reached up on stage and gave Bey a quick slap on her backside. She responded saying, “Now I will have you escorted out of here, alright?”

Instead of wondering why a fan thought he could actually touch Beyonce’s body or praising her sharp yet firm response, some people are asking: How can Beyonce be upset at a man smacking her butt when she is shaking it in front of his face in a skimpy leotard?

That reaction is laden with a victim-blaming mentality. It implies that it’s Beyonce’s fault for dressing and dancing provocatively, and that her actions relinquish her of ownership of her own body and give a man a pass for failing to keep his hands to himself.

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