New Jacks Swinging

Salaam Remi, Bryan Michael Cox and  9th Wonder

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We have to continue to find acts that can make a difference. We have to find artists that inspire people. I’m proud of some of our artists who have come out recently, but it’s up to us to keep this proud legacy alive and ours. The music isn’t dead. R&B and hip-hop isn’t dead. There are people making it, but we’re not getting the looks we need as a culture. It’s up to us to continue to invest in these new Black acts and break them into the industry. We have to keep hip-hop and R&B ours. We can talk about how they stole Rock & Roll. We can talk about how Jazz is predominantly White. Jazz and Rock & Roll is our music. Led Zeppelin got sued so many times for stealing Blues records. We let them take our music. We can’t let them take R&B and hip-hop. I don’t even what to sound like that because everything is so connected. They’re White kids who are more hip-hop than I am. I don’t want it to sound like it’s a race thing. We grew up in a culture that color is becoming less and less of an issue, but we have to make our foundation solid. You can’t forget that Rock & Roll was once Black music. You can’t forget Chuck Berry. You can’t forget Rock & Roll was Blues. You can’t forget John Lee Hooker. You can’t forget Jazz was Black music. You can’t forget Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock. You can’t forget that. It’s our duty to keep producing quality music and developing these young, Black artists.

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