BLACK MUSIC NOW: Goapele Performs at ANC 100th Anniversary

Goapele performing.

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South Africa because August is the month that we celebrate African women, not only in South Africa but really throughout the continent and globally. To have such wonderful musicians to be part of the ANC centennial celebrations and to celebrate women’s month is just fantastic. Goapele and Yolanda Zama were just brilliant.”

Goapele is slated to attend the premiere of Sparkle, in which she has a small role, today in Los Angeles. Elated to be a part of Whitney Houston’s last project, she the most most exciting part of her experience was singing and dancing simultaneously and working the renowned choreographer Fatima Robinson.

Her joy in the experience should have come as no surprise as Goapele and her late father often bonded through their love of music.

“Singing and dancing at the same time,” she said, “that’s what I did as a kid.”