Jay-Z Kanye West


There's a long history of Blacks in the legendary City of Lights—and it didn't start with Jay-Z and Kanye West

by Jared Michael Lowe, July 19, 2012

Jay-Z Kanye West

lifestyle. You can notice "tribes" or "movements" in terms of style such as the afrocentrists who revendicate their African roots."

As my friend pointed out in his observation, he didn’t see too many African Americans living in Paris while he lived there. He bumped into a few and they shared pleasantries about living in the US and a new sense of liberation—but it was seldom he recounted, what Stovall or other documentarians recollected of the Jazz Age and even during the civil rights era in Paris.

One can’t deny the fervency to experience life in Paris—even in a 'N*ggas in Paris' kind of way.

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