Blow The Whistle: Too $hort's Bad Advice for Boys

Blow The Whistle: Too $hort's Bad Advice for Boys

OPINION: The aging rapper sounds likes a case for Chris Hansen, says Jamilah Lemieux

Jamilah Lemieux

by Jamilah Lemieux, February 14, 2012

Blow The Whistle: Too $hort's Bad Advice for Boys

on her" or "Don't even try this if a young lady hasn't explicitly stated that she's ready to get intimate with you." No, no, none of that consent stuff. This FORTY FIVE YEAR OLD MAN wants the young fellas to "get inside a girl's mind", no matter what that takes. Coercion, perhaps even assault, is of no consequence here. Hence, no explanation of how to proceed if the target in question says "Stop! I don't want you to do that!" 

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We often equate musical talent with intelligence, often to our own detriment. Jay-Z is intelligent. Mos Def is intelligent. After watching these videos, I'm feeling like Too $hort is missing something. Aside from the thing that tells you NOT to coach underage boys through sex acts. But he isn't the only one responsible for this horrifying clip. You have the videographer, the editors, the interns and staff present for the taping (Shaw mentions that women in the room should cover their ears, as they are starting to look offended)...and you have XXL Editor-in-Chief Vanessa Satten, who claims she didn't watch the video before it was posted and that she had it removed as soon as she became aware. Personally, I'm not buying that, but okay. Everyone who was involved with producing this clip should be subject to some serious professional consequences and if Satten, as she claims, really hadn't watched it, then she needs to be cleaning house immediately. Otherwise, it just seems like the XXL crew and Too $hort are only sorry that they got called to the carpet. 

Hip-hop can be dangerous territory for young women, particularly young Black girls. The music often gives men and boys a virtual instruction guide on how to mistreat, disrespect and disregard females...Too $hort  and XXL took that to the next level and provided a LITERAL instruction guide. Make sure you don't forget that when you are spending your iTunes and magazine dollars. 

For Harriet has created a campaign to create Twitter awareness around this issue and to encourage those who are offended to support efforts to have Satten removed from her post at XXL. Check that out here. Also, non-Twitter users can voice their frustrations via this petition. 

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