Bob Marley's Children Speak on Documentary

Bob Marley's Children Speak on Documentary

Rohan and Karen Marley discuss their father's legacy and why you must see Marley

Chris Williams

by Chris Williams, May 02, 2012

Bob Marley's Children Speak on Documentary

Robert Nesta Marley 

on the stage. I think I learned just as much as the people who were in the theatre with me.

Rohan Marley: I definitely learned some new things about him because I didn’t know everything about him at such a young age. Back then, you couldn’t really pick up what certain things meant during that time.

EBONY: How many of your siblings have seen the documentary and what were their feelings after viewing it?

Karen Marley: I think most of us have seen the documentary and it took us on an emotional rollercoaster, which is what we wanted. We didn’t want to just put in the good stuff. There was anger, sadness, and laughter. I saw it initially before they cut it down to two hours and I had to see it again at South by Southwest because my son hadn’t seen it yet. It was very heartfelt and emotional.

EBONY: Do you feel the film truly captured the essence of your father’s legacy?

Karen Marley: I think it did because you saw him as a man and not just a superstar musician. After watching this film, it made me love him even more and the people I spoke to who have seen the film felt the same way. To see his drive and determination was a great thing. Once he knew his mission, he was going for it and to be able to see that meant everything.

Rohan Marley: I loved all of it. It was great to see his transition from Nine Mile all the way through. There was some of everything. People can relate to my father’s life from the struggles he faced on day one all the way through. It was great to see those sides of him. It captured the essence of him. It spoke in detail about the many parts of his life, but there is only so much you can tell within the time of the film. Of course, there’s more, but Kevin did a good job of really touching on the important parts of him so everyone could get a better understanding of the man. There are hours upon hours of footage recorded that people haven’t seen. There was a certain time frame we had to operate under so that’s why there is so much left over material.

EBONY: Why should everyone go see this film in theaters or on Facebook?

Karen Marley: Everyone should see it because it’s an awesome film. If you loved him before, you’ll love him even more after seeing it. It’s very educational and you get to learn more about the man. It’s one of those things that everyone should see especially if you’re a Bob Marley fan. Even if you’re not a Bob Marley fan, you can’t watch the film and say you haven’t been touched. The film sends a message about determination, drive and if you have a mission go for it with everything you have.

Rohan Marley: So people can learn something about oneself. It’s all about working toward the unification of mankind. It’s important in this life to help others to become better people and to unite all people of different colors and backgrounds. We all come from one source.

EBONY: How should the world remember your father’s legacy?

Karen Marley: The world should remember the message in his music and what he stood for. He was all about one love, unity, taking care of your children, and the earth. We’re a close knit family and we try to carry on his legacy by giving back through charities and music.

Rohan Marley: By the work he has done.

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