vintage ebony magazine covers

Buzzfeed Discovers EBONY

A chronological gallery of 15 EBONY covers provides a historical view of pop culture

by #teamEBONY, March 7, 2014

vintage ebony magazine covers

(left) November 1947 and November 1962 covers of EBONY Magazine

From Lena Horne's iconic 1947 cover to the 1999 anointing of Lauryn Hill as "Hip-Hop's Hottest Star", Buzzfeed's gallery of EBONY Magazine covers provides a snapshot of five decades of American culture.

Some, like Billie Holiday's 1949 cover — and declaration of rehabilitation — a couple years before her death, are tragically ironic. Others, like Oprah's 1987 cover, foreshadow an even bigger and brighter future.

All are valued and valuable parts of our history. 

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