Cedric the Entertainer

Cedric the Entertainer Brings Back the Drama

As ‘The Soul Man’ returns for its second season, the 49-year-old comedian discusses taking a possible dramatic turn as black nationalist Marcus Garvey

Kelley L. Carter

by Kelley L. Carter, June 20, 2013

Cedric the Entertainer

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inside you.

EBONY: You’re one of the funniest guys to step in front of the microphone, but I know you also get the itch to do meaty dramatic roles too. Is it time now for real?

Cedric: Yeah, definitely. I’m always looking for that right project. I’ve got a pet project that I’m trying to develop that I love. I’ve always had this interest in Marcus Garvey, and I just felt like it was an interesting story to tell. I feel like I could really bring that character to life. It’s just something that I had inside me. But definitely I love the idea of doing things that have a little more of a dramatic turn to it, so that it can surprise and fool my audience. I want to grow it to where people can see me like, “Oh, that was great. I wasn’t really expecting that from Ced!” So you always want that from great comedians like Robin Williams who did that kind of transition. People who have gone from standup to do some really serious, dramatic roles. I always kind of envied and wanted to do that for sure.

EBONY: You as Garvey would be huge. How close is that to fruition?

Cedric: It’s a little bit of ways away. We’re really working out the script, and trying to figure out what part of his life and how we want to tell that story. We’ve got a couple studios that are interested, but right now the movie feels a little expensive to them. They love the idea of me doing something like this and we just need to try to find the script-budget combination that works. That is the Hollywood way right now, but we’re working it out.

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