Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson Crashes Hollywood in ‘Peeples’

As ‘The Office’ comes to an end, Robinson locks lips with Kerry Washington in a big-budget romantic comedy

Kelley L. Carter

by Kelley L. Carter, May 10, 2013

Craig Robinson

crossed or what have you, but I got Hot Tub Time Machine Part 2, we’re looking to film in June. I got Mr. Robinson that has been filmed and we’re looking and hoping to get it picked up. But, you know, nothing is concrete. It could all go away, so you have to keep your mind on your grind.

EBONY: What would you love to see happen for Darryl in The Office?”Ten years from now, what is he doing?

CR: He’s the owner of a team. That’s what he’s doing in 10 years, because he’s gotten so cool with athletes and so much respect that yeah, that’s what he’s doing. That’s what I see.

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