Douglas Shatters Glass Ceiling with Historic Win!

Douglas Shatters Glass Ceiling with Historic Win!

Gabby Douglas brings it home for the US--and for Blacks world wide

by Will Graves, AP Sports Writer, August 03, 2012

Douglas Shatters Glass Ceiling with Historic Win!

Gabrielle Douglas celebrates after winning the gold medal in the Gymnastics Women's Individual All-Around.

Photo courtesy of Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

kids largely on her own, and tearfully made the decision to let her youngest train with Chow. She doubted herself but looked at the list of "pros" and "cons" her eldest daughter wrote up, and understood go she had to let go. Just a little.

Even if it hurt.

"I must have lost my marbles," Hawkins said. "But she wanted this more than anything."

And Douglas worked like it. Chow believes she just needed time to grow up. She's just 16.

Funny, she certainly looked all grown up on Thursday night. On a night that would turn most girls her age to tears, Douglas smiled. She laughed. She acted as if she expected to be here all along.

"She demonstrated she is an Olympic champion," Chow said.

One that could have a major influence on her sport.

Unlike some of her peers, Douglas looks like she's having fun out there. There is no drama when she competes, just joy. She has an energy that will make advertising executives swoon and likely turn her into a millionaire in the near future.

But this was never about money. It wasn't even about breaking down barriers. It was simply about challenging herself.

She never doubted she could be the best. Even when she was the only one who thought so.

"I wanted to seize the moment," she said.

History was just a bonus.

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