Dwyane Wade's Former Wife Speaks Her Truth

Dwyane Wade's Former Wife Speaks Her Truth

Siovaugh Wade opens up about the demise of her marriage, having her kids taken from her and finding sanity amidst it all

Melanie Yvette

by Melanie Yvette, October 22, 2012

Dwyane Wade's Former Wife Speaks Her Truth

Siovaughn Wade and Dwyane Wade

children, Zaire was telling me that his dad got angry and their punishment was to be put in the closet. He was telling me how he [Dwayne Wade] told them their punishment was to eat cold food. He said, “He is still hitting me in my chest mom.” Zion is even smaller than Zaire. I was saying to myself, “Maybe God allowed for Mr. Wade to have custody of the children because it’s an opportunity for him to change his behavior and to love, raise, and get really close to them.”  Not so much.

EBONY: What would you want young women to know about your experience? And what kind of advice would you give women who may be experiencing abuse and abandonment by a lover?

SW: One word can sum it up: seek! They are going to have to open their mouths, as terrifying as that is. Even if their legs are shaking and palms are sweating. They are going to expose the abuse; it’s for their own sake. I would encourage them to go to the creator, the one who understands. He made them. He understands you the best. I’m not saying there aren’t natural resources to use on the Earth; I [see] nothing wrong with counseling. But they have to go back to the source.

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