EBONY.COM EXCLUSIVE: Ice Cube Promises Another 'Friday' Movie

EBONY.COM EXCLUSIVE: Ice Cube Promises Another 'Friday' Movie

The iconic rapper-actor is on the road campaigning for his 30th TV/Film credit, the film adaptation of TV classic 21 Jump Street. But all we can ask is when Friday coming back to the silver screen. Cube gave us an answer we liked plus more about the NWA flick!

Kelley L. Carter

by Kelley L. Carter, March 07, 2012

EBONY.COM EXCLUSIVE: Ice Cube Promises Another 'Friday' Movie

together. And there’s no good reason for him not to do it. I can’t think of a good reason.

EBONY.COM: So you’re thinking the film will be out in 2013 then?

IC: Hopefully. If we get this script tight and we start shooting this summer, we definitely will be out by hopefully early 2013. I don’t want to give no quotes and have people say, ‘Alright, that’s what you said!’ But yeah, that’s kinda what we’re shooting for.

EBONY.COM: Last we time talked, you mentioned the NWA movie. Any progress with that one?

IC: Oh yeah, it’s a lot of progress with that. You know, we got a script that’s decent. It’s time to take that script to the next level. We’re interviewing directors and it’s in full motion. So I’m excited about both of those projects.

EBONY.COM: The NWA movie is your life story, though. Will you need to divorce yourself from the project a bit so that it’s well-rounded?

IC: Yeah, it’s going to be a little weird. I’m going to be extra anal about the project. But I think it’s really going to enhance what I do, you know? When it’s your life you can’t let nothing slide. It gotta be right. So I think I can remove myself and not just, you know, tell what everybody else did bad and not tell about what I did and it be like that. It’s going to be an honest look at what made the world’s most dangerous group.

EBONY.COM: What are you looking for in the actor who portrays you?

IC: Just somebody that feels solid. I think that’s one of my best characteristics: I’m a solid person that’s not weak. I just need somebody to be solid and mean what they say.

EBONY.COM: What will people be surprised to learn about NWA when this film finally gets out there?

IC: How much fun we had and how funny we were. You know, it wasn’t all about being gangster, but it was all about being funny too. If you listen to those records, there’s comedy in those records. I think that’s what people are going to be surprised at: in the midst of all this, we was just having so much fun…until the money came.

You gotta understand, we from the hood, but we were creative dudes from the hood. So we were always in there trying to create something that was fly or dope. That’s kinda where our heads was at. We used to shoot little movies, and mess around with camcorders and stuff, waste time, and clown.

EBONY.COM: So you were even playing in the Hollywood game before you were playing in the Hollywood game?

IC: Yeah, in a lot of ways. We put together skits and, you know, used to have fun. Hollywood Shuffle was one of our favorite movies.

EBONY.COM: Would you watch that on the tour bus a lot?

IC: Yep and quote the lines. That’s what made me use John Witherspoon as my father in Friday.

EBONY.COM: I know this is like asking you to pick your favorite child, but what’s your favorite line from Friday?

IC: “Dammmmmmmmmmn!” You know, our reaction when we see Nia Long running. I mean it seems like everybody used that. And I guess my other favorite, favorite line is, ‘You got knocked the f*uck out!’ Nothing is better than that.

EBONY.COM: It’s funny because you talked about Hollywood Shuffle being your cult favorite movie, and then years later you created one with Friday. Is that surreal?

IC: Yeah, it’s a dream come true. Everybody wants that movie up under their belt. You know, everybody want that Car Wash movie or that movie that was just neighborhood classic. And, you know, I was part of one with Boyz in the Hood and then producing one with Friday. It is surreal because here I was going to the movie theaters laughing my ass off at a movie like Hollywood Shuffle, and not believing that they took it that far and coming back with the same kind of experience. Hopefully there’s some young filmmaker out there that sat in the back of the movie theater, saw Friday, and thought the same.

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