It's Estelle, Darlings!

It's Estelle, Darlings!

The British songbird talks influence, friendship and heartbreak with dream hampton

dream hampton

by dream hampton, March 14, 2012

It's Estelle, Darlings!

to London for three weeks and got my green card straightened out and I was home with my mother and my family and I reminded myself that I’m never alone. I have my family, I’m never alone. 

When I remembered who I am, I gave him a period of three months to work it out. When I shot the video for “Break My Heart” and was surrounded by Rick Ross’ team and all these men who had no clue who I was and were treating me better than I was being treated at home, I knew it was over. It was the epiphany of life. My mum called me out of the blue and asked ‘What’s going on with you and this guy?’ My mum had gone through it for twenty-something years with my stepdad but she had nine kids. And I sat on that phone and she cursed me out for 40 minutes and told me not to repeat family cycles, that I deserved better. So that night I went home and told him, "I’m going to leave this apartment in three days, and you’re going to leave too. Go back to your mother’s couch." There was no anger. It was the realization that I was worth way more than that bullsh*t.



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